Sheriff's Advisory Board of Santa Clara County Events

A non-political, non-profit, volunteer organization serving the special needs of Santa Clara County residents.

The Sheriffs Advisory Board is a group of volunteers that work to generate funds in support of the Santa Clara Sheriff's Office. The organization was originally founded in 1980.

the Sheriff's Emergency Response Team (AKA S.W.A.T.), Search and Rescue Team, Dive Team, Bomb Squad and the K-9 unit, as well as other specialized units. The board also supplements the funding required for the Sheriffs Firing Range facility. In the 21 years the board has been in existence, over $400,000 has been donated to help provide a safer working environment for the men and women of the Santa Clara Sheriffs Office.


Situational Training Facility

SANTA CLARA COUNTY SHERIFFS DEPARTMENT Situational Training Facility is a realistic, urban, practical problem training area. The project will be funded by SCCSAB efforts and hopefully building will begin later this year.

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