About the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Advisory Board


“In the past, we have provided our sheriff's department of Santa Clara County with special needs items and in today's economic environment our role is more important than ever.”

Steve Hunt


SCCSAB Contributions: How We Have Helped Our Sheriff's Office

The SCCSAB keeps an ever-growing list of ways and means to further assist our Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office to perform their duties with the utmost effiency and safety. We have provided many items, including the items listed below.

Testimonial: A Thank You from the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Underwater Search and Rescue Unint
The high-tech very expensive FLIR was purchased by the SAB for the Sheriff's Helicopter. See it in action!


Thermal Binocular

The ELCAN PhantomIR Thermal Binocular is a technically advanced device for detection, observation, and perimeter security. Utilizing a high-resolution thermal detector, the PhantomIR is the premier uncooled thermal observation device in the industry, and allows users to observe the heat signatures of people and objects at extreme ranges in daytime or at night and through smoke, fog or camouflage.



Search and Rescue Rope System

The Santa Clara County Search and Rescue Team is made up of highly dedicated violunteers. They requested a total of three new rope systems. One system is to replace their oldest rope system and the other two systems are to increase their supply of gear to handle medium to large operations. The new rope system will be used for vertical rappelling rescues and will replace an aging rope system that is starting to fray. The new rope system will bring SCCSSAR up to current safety standards.



Twenty New ICOM Radios

The new radios will replace existing radios that no longer have communication capability in rural terrain. The new radios will also have interoperability capabilities which will enable SCCSSAR to communicate with other public safety entities.




Quantity 25 - BTH- Behind the Head Suspension System With Digital Threat Compression Technology Black Ear-Cups Left Boom Mount In-Line Headset Disconnect Feature TCI Tactical PTT Motorola JEDI Series Interface Includes TCI Headset Storage Bag Optional Remote (Sniper) PTT with Velcro Closure, 5' Cable and 2.5 mm Connector. For TCI Tactical PTT.



Ballistic Plates, Front and Rear




K9 Police Dog

Police K9 for Drug searchs,patrol,search and rescue



Patrol Boat

Provided in 2009 - The new Rogue Jet Diesel Powered Welded Aluminum Jetboat promises to take the Law Enforcement application to a new level with its power and fuel mileage improvements while extending travel range between fueling.



Bomb Suit

Provided in 2009 - The world's most innovative Bomb Disposal Suit, Setting new standards in personal protection for modern day EOD tecnicians, the EOD HELMET is the world's first Threat Level IIIA ballistic helmet available to military and law enforcement agencies. EOD HELMET is the only EOD helmet in the world that provides complete and absolute 360 degree protection at the stated Threat levels.



16' Trailer Special Ops

Mirage Trailers have been designed and built by experienced employees and trailer enthusiasts. The Xtera flagship will exceed all your expectations. They are available in 4' x 6' single axles up to the 8.5' x 52' commercial hauler.



Scuba Gear

We replaced the old out-dated dive gear with new and more efficient scuba gear for our emergency dive team.



Bail Out bags

In December of 2006, the Sheriff’s Advisory Board made Christmas very special to our personnel by purchasing and distributing “Bail Out” bags to all the sworn personnel within the department. This year the SAB decided it was time to play Santa again and purchased and distributed bags to those individuals who had been hired between December 2006 and current. Thanks to Steve Hunt, President of the Advisory Board, and the other members of the SAB, every sworn personnel on the Sheriff’s Office now has a "Bail Out" bag compliments of the SAB.




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